Thursday, November 17, 2005

Report Card Time...

Talk about stress! Ahhh!
It's been pretty stressful lately...but it's finally over.

Report Cards, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and our Third Grade Harvest Feast is now history. I thought this moment when I can now breathe and relax would never has, and it was all worthwhile.

I was able to meet with each of my student's parent/s and discuss with them their child's academic progress in Third Grade...they all went well. I explained where their child was at this time, where they needed to be at the end of the school year, and what they could do at home to help their child reach "Proficiency". I feel good about my meetings...

Our Third Grade Harvest Feast was a huge success! At first we were afraid we wouldn't have enough food, but we did... Imagine- 140 third grade students participating at one major event in a small enclosed area of our multi-purpose room. It was a little crazy, but everyone behaved appropriately.

My classroom was in charge of baking the corn muffins, and rolling turkey cold cuts with cream cheese...ALL for 14o students! Ahhhh! We did it though...and my class LOVED the cooking experience!

The feast consisted of Turkey (carved), turkey cold cuts with cream cheese, corn muffins, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, cranberry jello, macaroni & cheese, juice and for desert-mini individual pumpin pie! It was all DELICIOUS! Oh, and the children came in costume!


mariposatomica said...

Mujer descanza! Sounds like the kids had a blast and had some good eats along way. Pass the macaroni and cheese!

Hanuman1960 said...

What fun!

I'm so glad that it all went so well!

Karen said...

I'm glad the yucky parts are over. The feast sounds like a lot of fun, but crazy LOL


Rocko said...

Sounds like hard work, but probally very fulfilling work. I have fond memories of all my teachers from that age.
They will remember you too.