Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

Who tagged me? BG from
  • *A Mocha Frappucino Away*

  • Things that you either know, don't know, or prefer not know about me...
    1. I was born in the US, but many people (here in the US and elsewhere) when they meet me, assume that I was born in Mexico.
    2. I learned to read in English in 4th grade...
    3. After a few Phonics lessons (reading) it all made sense, so besides learning to read and write in English, I taught myself to read and write in Spanish as well!
    4. I read Little Woman by Louisa May Alcot at the end of 5th grade!
    5. While in Elementary, my drawings and paintings were always submitted by my teachers to Art Contests where I would place first place.
    6. I took French for 6-7 years and was told by my instructor that I spoke it with a Spanish accent- hmmm. I took it as a compliment.
    7. Unfortunately, I hardly remember any French now...
    8. I sometimes dream that I'm singing in French...hmmm.
    9. Alot of my dreams are "Frida Kalho" type dreams...
    10. I analyse my dreams while dreaming!
    11. I am always searched at the airport by security...hmmm.
    12. I have naturally curly hair...there was just no other way! Both my mom and dad, as well as both my grandmothers had curly hair too!
    13. I used to be able to say that my hair was as black as my luck.
    14. Once my hair is short, I let it grow long to only cut it short once again.
    15. I am more spiritual than religious...
    16. I am Pro-Life, but believe in Pro-Choice...
    17. I don't believe in censorship...
    18. I don't have patience for stupidity of any kind.
    19. I think of my father everytime I drink coffee.
    20. I would do anything for my mother...such as being her kidney donor!
    21. My sister and I are now friends.
    22. Each time I look at the scar on my left foot, or donor site I praise the Lord.
    23. I believe in prayer...
    24. I believe in the good of humanity...
    25. I believe in God.
    26. My husband and his sibblings all have an "M" name as their first name...and so do I!
    27. If my husband and I had had a child, we too would have followed the tradition in naming our child with an "M" first name too!
    28. I speak only Spanish to Chiquita and Bolita. Yes, they're bilingual!
    29. I used love getting on wild amusement park rides...Unfortunately, now I get motion sickness just by looking at them!
    30. I plan on celebrating and embracing my fiftieth!


    Ashley said...

    Hi, Coco.... After that list, I sure learned a lot about you!

    Have a good rest-of-the-week!

    curious servant said...

    Interesting list.

    I am so sorry to detect the thread of racism there. It is such a stupid thing for human beings to get all hung up over. I suppose we are still rather immature as a species.

    At any rate, thank you for your kind comments on my blog and for your sharing.

    Yamell said...

    I'm glad I know you, if only thru blogging, I'm glad that I do.

    chocoadicta said...

    Vaya....así sí que podemos conocerte en profundidad :).
    Que suerte ese bilinguismo, a mi me cuesta mucho el inglés. Cuando llegué aquí no sabía nada yo siempre había estudiado otro idioma...además del catalán que es mi lengua.
    Es como si no consiguiera enfrascar todo lo que digo en castellano al inglés, tengo la sensación de quedarme siempre incompleta...supongo que el tiempo y la práctica ya me ayudará :).
    Un besote preciosa

    Cracked Chancla said...

    depending on who is listening to me speak, i have an accent in english and spanish. spanish was my first language, but i have a better grasp of english since getting out of bilingual ed in third grade. but isn't this the story with a lot of american born first or second generation latinos? what counts is que nos hacemos entender. well, no one has complained about my spanglish yet. ;)

    Lu Soto said...

    That is a very interesting list! can i ask what the M stands for ? For my dad's family all the men have a Jose as a first name, but the never use it.


    "M" Jack Hampster said...

    When I was trying to learn Spanish - I remembered the words in German, So I tended to answer my Spanish teacher in German instead of Spanish - It was a good thing she spoke both -

    I like the pictures