Friday, January 27, 2006

And the truth is...

Over the past few months my husband has been insisting that I get a new car. His recommendation has been that I get a new car, he takes my Camry '94, and we either sell or trade in his '00 Tacoma TRD -4 door...and that way everyone is happy. I have a new car, he saves on gas, and he is still able to haul his bicycle and other cycling "stuff" in the Camry.

Now let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with my '94 has a few dings (a major one which my husband did) and it is missing the radio antenna (my garage door and me- twice!), but I still runs very well.

Do I want a new car? Yes, I would love to have a new car, but who wouldn't want a new car? Do I want to make payments on a new car? NO! Do I need a new car? NO!

If, however, I were to get a new car- I would get a "hybrid". We've test rode a Civic, and Accord Hybrids- both by Honda. I loved the Accord! But I also know that the Toyota Camry Hybrid comes out this year...and I really love my Camry.

Anyway, the truth finally came husband finally told me the reason why he's been insisting I get a new car. If I get a new car, he can then justify the fact the purchase of his new motorcycle! Yes, he wants a motorcycle!! He knows exactly which motorcycle he wants, and he even has our leather "motorcycle" outfits selected! Ha!

By the way, my answer is NO to the purchase of the motorcycle, and to the leather motorcycle outfits! NO! NO! NO!

My husband drives too fast and too aggressive- sorry, NO MOTORCYCLE! Besides, he has MANY road bikes from which to choose from for a ride. He does NOT need another bike!


Cracked Chancla said...

motorcycle rides are so much fun tho.

Hanuman1960 said...

At first I'm thinking, girlfriend, what is wrong with you?!! Hubby wants to get you a new car!

But now I see the method to his madness!

At any rate, the hybrid would be the way to go! :)

chocoadicta said...

Tu marido es muy listo, una táctica muy sutil :)).

curious servant said...

That is so funny! Isn't amazing how marriage can sometimes be a game of chess. We make a move, and then set the board up so the other makes a move, which results in our getting to the position we wanted!!!

Too funny!

Yamell said...

I know this scenario all too well. My husband has his heart set on getting a motorcycle in the future. He was in a motorcycle accident quite a few years ago. My answer is also no.


jackhampster said...

Get teh Leather outfits and then maybe think about a bike

Rocko said...

Leather road gear (WOW, SEXY) I say go for it. New car? More money for banks and people who only think money.Think love and joy and no car loan!