Monday, January 16, 2006

Where to begin...

Last week was very busy and emotionally draining.

I was kept busy by school stuff- testing, grading, sending out deficincie letters, and office referals due to inappropriate class behavior.

Oh, and I now have my annual medical exams lined up, plus a new GYN because my previous GYN decided it was time to retire.

Among all my appointments scheduled, I also started Physical Therapy to help my lower back.

It seems that since Thanksgiving '05 there's been some sort of "black cloud" lingering over our school/work site. Thils "black cloud" affecting some of my collegues and their loved ones, therefore, affecting us all at work.

First Patty- 3rd gr. teacher,young (42 years old), in good health, athletic, runner...gets a stroke while on a cruise! Thankfully, she is now so much better, but still not able to return to work.

Then Miel- Kinder teacher...her cousin committed suicide.

Following Kim- 5th gr. teacher...father-in-law passsed away.

Next Rosie- Speech Therapist...her husband was being treated for Acid Reflux, unfortunately, it turns out he instead had a rare form of cancer and passed away last week. Funeral services are this week.

Lastly, Jerri- Kinder teacher...her mother also just passed away last week. Funeral services were this morning.

In between the above mentioned- there were other teachers who either they, or loved ones were being seen for other medical related maladies as well.

Presently, we are all in "pain"...grieving and praying together.

At school/work, we all hope that this "black cloud" goes away, and that good things, positive things start blooming- soon!

Thourgh all this, Marguerite and Carole, our principal and vice principal have been very supportive. They have both achieved that our school environment become cohesive and intimate. We are very fortunate that they are with us.


Cracked Chancla said...

sending you and your colleagues all good vibes.

poetaxingon said...

Make sure to eat healthy and take some herbs, like equinacea and stuff. a while ago you sign my guess book. i'll put a link to your site. thanks.

Rocko said...

Watch-out and be very careful. I'll send good thoughts to you and your co- workers/students. Last year was our year of disaster, we are doing better now. Thank Goodness!

Yamell said...

Cuidate mucho!

Muchos besitos y abrazos,

Hanuman1960 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.....

Lu Soto said...

Oh my god!! that's a lot of things happening, in such a short period of time... hope everything is well with you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've been working so much that i haven't had a chance to update.


R. said...

esteee... que es un GYN?

Que bueno que conozcas a esas personas.

Un besito... y prometo que te escribo, pero ya sabes que mi correo es

Un beso

sonrisa morena said...

i'm sorry to hear about all of this coco. i hope things get better. my thoughts and prayers go to your colleagues and families.

chocoadicta said...

Supongo que después de semejante tempestad vendrá la calma, ya lo verás. Mientras tanto cuídate. Mis mejores deseos para tí y tus compañeros...

Ashley said...

In 2004, my coworkers were dropping like flies. At least 10 people at my agency died that year. Black cloud, indeed.

I learned that to weather the storm, you have to be supportive, but then withdraw when you leave work and focus on all the good things in your life. This stuff is cyclical in terms of it being in your 'world.'

Hang in there. Channel your energies on cheerful, thoughtful, and proactive issues and you will realize that it's not a real black cloud, it's just dark emotions weighing on your good heart.

R. said...

un beso de fin de semana..