Monday, October 16, 2006

Internet Service

Well, my husband has had enough of AT&T's internet service. As of today, we no longer have internet access at our home. Yes, this means no e-mail, blogging, or my husband's fantasy basketball game from home- at least for a while.

Fortunately, I have internet access at work, yay! Therefore, e-mailing and blogging will be done at my work site after "hours".

Mi esposo estaba ya harto del servicio de internet bajo AT&T y lo canceló. Así que desde hoy ya no tenemos accesso al internet. Esto indica que desde casa ya no podremos mandar o recibir correo electrónico, "bloguear" o jugar el juego fantasia de baloncesto que a mi esposo le gusta- bueno, por lo menos por un tiempiecito.

Afortunadamente, yo sí tengo accesso al internet en mi lugar de empleo, yay! Podre seguir enviando y o recibiendo correo electrónico al igual que "bloguear" aquí en mi trabajo, pero después de que haya terminado el "horario".


chocoadicta said...

Bueno, al menos podemos seguir contando contigo y tu blog... :)

Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear you won't have access at home but glad you still have access at work after hours. I hope you're having a good week and all is well. Sending HUGS and blessings!

ShoeGirl said...

I recently saw a questionnaire on another local writer's blog on my space (Gwen Zepeda)and she asked the question, "How much would you have to get paid to give up the internet for a year?" Her answer was great! "One year's salary." She said that that's how much she would need to get paid because the internet was the only way she could tolerate work.