Friday, November 24, 2006

Still here!

Yes, I'm still here! It's just that "life" has been pretty hectic lately...
  • grading
  • having a "cold"
  • report cards
  • parent teacher conferences
  • doctor appointments
  • visiting Vivian (hospital)
  • visiting ill student (Vincent)
  • Marilu's mother in law "passing"
  • going to Palm Springs
  • father in law's 80th birthday party
  • riding an "ATV"
  • in-laws staying at our home for a few days
  • buying a new car
  • buying a new scooter
  • buying a new king size bed
  • getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • suspicion confirmed
  • husband's surprise
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.


Ashley said...

I figured you were very busy, now I know you have been!

Take care! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy thanksgiving to you too... and may the calm come back ;)

TigerYogi said...

"suspicion confirmed
husband's surprise"

Okay, what's THAT about?

Are you going to have a baby?!!!!

Doug said...

I really think you need to elaborate on this whole riding the ATV thing. And we need to see a pic of the new car and scooter. You have been really busy!