Monday, February 26, 2007


I have always LOVED to read...

I know what "good" literature is, after all I teach reading! I also try to promote the joy of reading (for pleasure) to my students.

Lately, though, I've noticed that I've been reading (and enjoying) Nora Roberts books. Hmmmm, her books are found in the "Romance" section.

In the past, while browsing through a bookstore, you would've NEVER found me in the "Romance" section. I always felt it was so "beneath" me!! That that wasn't "literature", that was "trash"!

Recently, a collegue (and friend) of mine (the Little Munchkin) and I went to a bookstore, and literally held each other's hand while we browsed through the "Romance" section for books...

The Little Munchkin bought 5 books from the Romance section, and I bought 3 books NOT from the Romance section...we'll be sharing "our" books. At one point she said, "Look who's holding the "trashy" books. I am! Next time, you will be holding them." And I agreed, next time I will hold and purchase books from the "Romance" section.

Why am I now reading "Romance" (trashy) books and even enjoying some of them? My life at the moment is too depressing, and I need an escape. A "far fetched" escape!

Books (NOT from the Romance section) recently read:
Love Walked In
Sarah (First book of the Canaan Trilogy)
Poisonwood Bible

Books from the Romance section (trashy)
Midnight Pleasure (4 short stories-NOT porn!) by 4 different authors
Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts
Entranced by Nora Roberts

*I do NOT like to read Danielle Steel's books...



You should join me at goodreads!

Anyway, any book that suits you, is a good book, they say.


MsAbcMom said...

YAY! I call them smut books! They are a good escape. Have you tried Janet Evanovich? I only really like her numbered series. There are now 13 of them. There's a good mix of romance, mystery and humor in all of them. Enjoy!!!

Cracked Chancla said...

hmm, my love of reading began with romance novels. the thrift store was full of 'em and sold them for about a quarter a piece. i got really good at scanning through them and finding the 'good parts'--i was in like sixth grade then. but judith krantz took the prize with princess daisy. hope your doing better

TigerYogi said...

I'm sending Barbara Cartland your address even as we speak! ;)

Pam said...

Sometimes we all need a fun escape and what better way than with a "trashy" novel? I was going to recommend the Evanovich series but I see that msabcmom already did! They are hilarious.

ShoeGirl said...

There's nothing wrong with reading work that isn't considered "classical literature!" I grew up reading Victorian romances, Victoria Holt & Phillipa Carr (same author, different pen names) and then as I grew up and I got turned on to "literature" I found out that Victoria Holt novels are exactly the same story line as "Jane Eyre!" Most recently I've been enjoying Chic Lit Mysery, Kyra Davis and her Sophie books.

beffers said...

I am right there with you.
I am degreed in English literature, yet I spend many a night reading chick lit for pleasure...and even writing it from time to time!

Nothing wrong with getting out of the "deep" subject and reading light once in awhile. Enjoy your new books!