Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Mom : )

My mom had her "stress" test today...
it took all morning!"

During the procedure, the patient is given some "wait" time in a small lunch room with other patients who are also there for the same test.

Anyway, there was an Asian (older) man and his grandaughter speaking in Chinese, and my mom is just staring at them...

So I ask my mom in Spanish, "What are you doing"?

My mom responds, "I'm trying to see if I am able to understand their conversation".

Huh?! Yes, my dear friends...my mom is fluent in Spanish, and her English is limited, but somehow she thinks she is going to understand Chinese!!


TigerYogi said...

That's cute! I hope that your mom is doing well! :)

llemaY said...

That made me giggle. Thanks!

Muchos besitos y abrazos

Suvii said...

Ok, I agree that that IS cute!!! Sounds like something my mom would do too! You gotta love our mamacitas, no??