Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feliz Dia de las Madres

México, and Mexicans celebrate Mother's Day today. It is always May 10th, no matter what day it falls on. So if your mom is Mexican, don't forget to give her a hug! Do something special for her : )

I will be having dinner this afternoon with my mom. : )
We always celebrate both May 10th (Mexican) and the second Sunday in May (U.S.). Yes, double the "party"!

Update on my mom:
Yesterday she received another 2 pints of blood.
I also confronted her with my suspicion...
1. she's NOT eating lunch, therefore, when I get there (after school) to see her, she's throwing up!!
2. she doesn't like eating alone. : (
*My sister and I spoke about this last night- our neighbor Socorro (hopefully) will have lunch (Mon - Fri) with my mom. When I'm on vacation, this won't be a problem, I'll be there with her : )


llemaY said...

We celebrate both too!

Feliz dia de las Madres a tu mamita and you too for your fur babies. :-)


TigerYogi said...

I hope that you both have a wonderful day!

You're such a good daughter! :)

beffers said...

I hope you enjoyed your time with her....