Wednesday, May 30, 2007


1. My mom will be receiving another blood transfussion today. She is not eating well, but has been gaining weight- WATER RETENTION! Therefore, having to be dialysed 3 days straight, and still not being able to remove all extra fluids from her system because her blood pressure drops so extremely low.

My mom's oncologist wants to see me so that we can decide what to do, or what not to do.

2. Only half of my class went on the field trip today. Only half of my class did the Monthly Reading Logs required in order to attend the A's game!! Only half my class cares!! : (

I stayed behind to "house" those students who were not able to attend the field trip. I have 19 students who were left behind...AND the other teacher who is also "housing" students, has 17 students with her!!

We, the third grade teachers, have been warning the fourth grade teachers about these children- behavior issues, and academically low. This year, the children are in groups of 20, BUT next year, they'll be in groups of 32!! We won't be able to separate all the behavior problem kids : (

3. I want to be able to spend the day with my mom making sure that she eats and takes her meds... I'm hoping that will make a difference (for the better) with her health.


j.s.zolliker said...

I'll be praying for your mom. And for you too. Best wishes.

llemaY said...

I hope your mami gets better. I think about you all the time.