Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've been busy, busy, BUSY!!
My report cards, teacher plans, and other paper work required by the school/district/state are all complete. (sigh)

The students' last day is Thursday...we (students and teachers) can't wait!!

The teachers' last work day is Friday...YAY!!

Mom Up-date
She is still in the hospital, but in "stable" condition. Her "discharge" date is tentatively set for Wednesday, June 13th. And upon her return home, she will continue with dialysis, as well as with the meds prescribed by her doctors. However, chemo treatments have been suspended for the time being. Her oncologist wants to wait 2 months, then do a CT Scan to determine whether or not renew chemo...

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beffers said...

How is your mom??

Thinking of you and keeping her in our prayers.