Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This conversation took place at the Vet's while purchasing flea meds for Chiquita and Bolita...

I also need flea meds for a cat.

Cat's name?
I dunno...

What's on her tag?
Doesn't wear a tag. We just call the cat "Kitty".

I dunno...it just appeared at our home, and has decided to make it hers.

Male or Female?
I dunno...hasn't had a litter since we first saw the cat over 2 years ago.

I guess...

What kind of cat?
I dunno...it has all sorts of colored spots- white with black, brown, and yellow spots.

A "Calico".
If you say so...

Owner's name?
Huh? I guess, the cat will be under my husband's name, just like Chiquita & Bolita. Oh, and by the way, Kitty is Bolita's friend. They play together!

*Turns out that "Kitty" was my husband's (1st) stepmom's name...he, he, he. I wonder how she's taking this? Is she rolling in her grave because he's laughing about this, or because she's so upset? And no, "Kitty" (cat) was NOT named after Kitty (stepmom)...it's just coincidence!


curious servant said...

If the cat has four colors and they are spots, it is a calico, which are always female.

So that works out... a cat named "Kitty" should be a female! (Remember "Gunsmoke"?)

Thanks for your visits and kind comments lately. It is so nice to check in at the end of a long day of driving and see such kind words!

What an adventure my sons and I are having!

So far we have traveled 1,854 miles from home!

Isn't this one of the greatest perks in teaching?!!! TIME!!!

Hurray for SUMMER!

God bless my friend!

Keshi said...

LOL ty Coco this really made me laugh! HAHAHAHA!

If I were her, I wudnt be upset abt naming a cat after me..wud be nice :) Imagine a cat called Keshi woohoo! here kitty..keshi kitty...


J.S. Zolliker said...

It depends on HOW you named it ;) LOL!

Keshi said...

btw in my comment-reply to ya in my current post, I accidentally addressed u as Choco...sorry abt that :) There's another friend named Choco and that why it happened hehe.

I corrected it and re-entered the comment reply just for ya with 'Coco' in it :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Chocoadicta said...

Ohhhh, ¡qué bonita!. Y qué suerte tiene de haberos encontrado :).
Yo estoy pensando en un perrito o en un gatito. Ahora mismito estaba viendo un programa de la tele que pide sean rescatados unos animalillos que han sido abandonados. Tienen historias muy tristes pobres....

Mariposatomica said...

Kitty is a fabulous looking feline! Pets are so much fun and full of personality. When I speak to loudly my dog grumbles because he wants me to keep it down so he can sleep.

sonrisa morena said...

coco, Kitty is gorgeous!!!!! i was actually thinking of putting kitty on screen saver but Kachito meowed...so i didn't. Gorgeous i say!!!!...just don't tell Kachito i keep saying that ;-)

TigerYogi said...

Maybe your husband's stepmom has reincarnated!

That's why she picked your home! :)

Karla said...

LOL, that is a great story. I hope that you are enjoying your summer!

Karen said...

He is so beautiful and looks very loving!

Thank you for your visit and all your well wishes for me and my parents.

I am so pleased to see your mom's health is stable.

Sending hugs and lots of prayers!