Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Here!!

Yes, I'm here...busy at times, and other times with a "sick" computer!

I am spending alot of time with my mom and aunt...making sure that they take their meds and eat. I'm also taking them to their various doctor appointments, as well as going to my doctor appointments before going back to school/work.

i've got a few secrets to share...
i now need to use bifocals
i've been letting my mom eat what ever she wants, as long as she eats

I've read...
Inez del Alma Mia by Isabel Allende conquest and colonization of Peru and Chile
The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan MaryMagdalen, and her!!

Movies I've seen...
Transformers not my choice! went to see it only to be "social"
Hairspray i LOVED it!!
DramaMex i expected more...or maybe it's just me
Libertarias Spanish Civil War (early part of)

*i'm already having back to school/work nightmares!!


Keshi said...

Coco u r such a kind soul...helping ur mum n aunt n all.


Ashley said...

Hi Coco!

I am glad you are getting out and seeing some movies this summer. I need to do that. I have missed keeping up with you lately!


La Tejana - ~^^~LC said...

I like your quick update, and I can honestly relate to getting ready to go back to school/work. I love Isabel Allende. The next book I plan to read, is House of Spirits. Have you read it? It's also a movie.

Karla said...

I can also related to the whole getting ready to go back to school/work. I am not to sure that I am ready but I am going to have to suck it up and deal with it :)

We would let my grandmother eat what ever she wanted. It did not matter what time it was if she wanted it someone would either make it for her or go buy it. All we cared about was that she ate.

I cant wait to see Hairspray.

curious servant said...

Hi Coco!

Isn't being a teacher GREAT?!!

Though I am already getting anxious to get back at it (in fact I am going to teach a "Jump Start" program a couple of weeks before the official first day of school).

Thank you for your frequent visits to my blog. I have been lax in returning the favor. sorry.

Take care my friend. I'll be back soon.

Yummerson said...

I'm with keshi. I think you're wonderful.