Monday, September 03, 2007

A Blessing

I feel so privileged that God has given me time to be with my mother during her last days. We hug, cry, and bless each other. We talk...I bathe, dress, and clean her when she is soiled. I encourage her to eat, and I also massage her when she is resting. What better way of showing my love to her!!

Yesterday, my mom said she didn't want to eat anymore...
I asked her why.

mom (crying)- because look what happens each time I eat, I get "soiled" and you have to clean me! I've become a "nuissance"!

me (holding her head and kissing her)- you are not a nuisance. we take care of you, because we want to.

mom (crying)- why do I need to eat?

me (kissing her, and trying to stay calm)-you need to eat in order to give your body the nutirients it needs. even if you are only able to take 4 bites of solid food, it's nutrients for your body.

mom (crying)-I don't want to eat.

me (hugging her, and still trying to stay calm)- you do know what will happen if you don't eat, right?

mom (still crying)- no, I don't know what will happen. what will happen to me?

me (holding her head, and making eye contact)- you will die.

mom (crying)- what do I do?

me (hugging her, and crying)- you will always have that choice. the choice to say "No More!", or let God decide when you can no longer eat. These are your two choices.

me (hugging her, and kissing her)- remember...we LOVE you, and we want to take care of you. We don't want you to suffer...we are here for you, and we will NEVER leave you alone. what we are now doing for you is showing you how much we love you!! God has given us this opportunity to let us tell you how much yosu mean to us! how many sons/daughters aren't able to be with their parents in their final days or hours!! we are here with you!! and this too, is a blessing.


MsAbcMom said...

Hugs to you and your mom. How wonderful for both of you that you can be together now.

Keshi said...

aww Coco this post made me cry! I cant ever imagine my mum like offense to ur mum but it's a very hard thing to go see ur mother going thru that.



TigerYogi said...

You are a good daughter and a wonderful person.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all...

Cracked Chancla said...

you are a wonderful daughter. strength and blessings coco.

J.S. Zolliker said...

A blessing indeed

Yummerson said...

I'm happy that you're keeping a positive attitude. That in itself is a blessing.

Miguel Pinto said...

Estrella este post demuestra la calidad humana de tu mamá y lo buena hija que eres tú.

Yo siempre le dí las gracias a Dios por permitirme cuidar de mis padres cuando lo necesitaron.

Tu mamá es un ángel que te quiere mucho, yo le deseo el menor sufrimiento posible, a tú lado su seguridad está garantizada.

Reciban tanto tu mamá como tú un mundo de bendiciones, ambas están en mis oraciones.

Suvii said...

ok, I am flat out crying now. You are a wonderful daughter and an inspiration to all of us out there who have ailing parents. You continue to be in my prayers.

Karla said...

A blessing indeed, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.