Sunday, November 18, 2007


It's great to have the entire Thanksgiving week off!!
I am going to sleep, relax, read, see movies, and take care of my aunt.

Tengo la semana libre...estoy de vacaciones!!
(El jueves EEUUcelebra el Día de Acción de Gracias.)

Voy a dormir, descansar, leer, ver peliculas, y cuidar a mi tía.

School / Work
Parent/Teacher Conferences went really well : )
I have only 2 parents with whom I still need to meet with, but they're scheduled for the week of November 26th...

New Student Info
Student M is epileptic!! What upsets me is that this important information is listed on her Emergency Form, but that the "office" neglected to give it to me. Huh?! Yes, I did speak to my Vice Principal, and IEP Team (for children with special needs). They too were surprised with the information.

Potential NEW student R. Student is "autistic" and has severe behavior issues...yet they want to place him in my class?! Yikes! I am NOT a Special Ed teacher!! They (District Office) say R. doesn't need a Special Ed teacher or classroom, that he'll come with his own aide, and that they (Disctrict Office and parents) would like to come in and observe me teaching. Hmmm.

Before responding to their e-mail, I spoke to my Principal and asked her if she knew about this possible "transfer"...she said, "No". She then advised me on how to respond to their request.

I responded to the e-mail (as my Principal advised) stating that I was NOT a Special Ed teacher, and that if they had any further questions to please speak to my Principal.

HA!! I immediately received an e-mail telling me that R. did NOT need a Special Ed teacher, and that they (District Office) were still interested in me!!

Upon reading the last e-mail...I take deep breaths and tried to relax. I realized that the District Office is going to do what ever they want to do, and that they are going to go about it their own way...without going through the proper channels!!

I quickly sought out our school's IEP Team and asked them what they knew about the possible transfer. Not only did know nothing about the matter, but they were upset (angry) with how the District Office was doing this. They also instructed me on how to respond to the Disctrict's latest e-mail ...

I informed the District the following info:
1. I "core" my class...and attached a copy of my daily schedule

2. PREP -Half my class is w/Rm 23, the other half is w/Rm 26...attached class lists, & weekly PREP schedule

3. My partner teacher's teaching and management styles are different from mine.

4. Please speak to my Principal, and IEP Team before you and R's parents come in to obseve both my partner teacher and me teach.

I have since then spoken to a few people (4) from R's school (including his teacher!)...Everyone was shocked to hear about the possible transfer! They all feel it's political, that the advocate, lawyer, and parents are NOT thinking about what is best for this child. R. needs to be placed in a Special Ed class where his needs (and behavior issues) can be met, and NOT be "mainstreamed" into regular classroom!!

*Yes, of course, I'll let you know what happens...


bomitoni said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're doing well. Enjoy your week off. I see you'll be taking some time off to relax. Good for you!!! Have a good turkey day :)

Keshi said...

Enjoy ur time off hun. U need it. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


TigerYogiji said...

So much drama!

It sounds better than Torchwood! ;)

Ashley said...

You totally deserve hazard pay. Seriously.