Friday, December 07, 2007

Brief Update

Student R. (autistic child with severe behavior issues)
So they came and "observed" (approx. 5 min. in each class)...
They decided the child's correct placement is NOT with us.
*for more previous post- Vacation

UCSF Medical Center
Went to my yearly visit with my oncologist...
ALL is well : )
Next visit...December '08

Emotional/Mental Well Being

I am questioning my purpose in life...
And crying alot!

Christmas Party (Work)
Our work/school's Christmas Party will actually take place in January...
It'll be a "Winter" Party!
Dinner at an Italian (local) Restaurant...Mmmmm!
Yes, each person pays their own, though!

While at my oncology appointment...
My doctor shared that he and his staff had held their Christmas Party the night before. They all went to dinner, and then afterwards to the Opera to see Madame Butterfly.

Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong profession!


TigerYogiji said...

"Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong profession!"

Don't we all... ;)

P.S. I'm glad that things are getting better for you! :)

Yummerson said...

Yep we all do tigeryogiji.

I dropped by to say hello and tell you that I'll e-mail you my number in case you ever need anything

Keshi said...

Great to hear ur health is good.

**I am questioning my purpose in life...
And crying alot!

HUGGGGGGGGGZ Coco! I do that too...alot. But I live one day at a time I dun get so depressed.

TC n hv fun Coco! Every min is precious.


Cracked Chancla said...

ask for clarity so you can better recognize your purpose in life...that's what i do when i question things. sending good vibes your way.

ShoeGirl said...

Must be nice! (your doctor's office) Today I received some movie tickets and a coupon for drinks and a popcorn. My husband asked if that was my Christmas bonus. LOL! I told him we can have a date night.