Monday, June 16, 2008

The Mrpeenee Auto Haiku Tag Meme

I've been tagged by TigerYogi... (tag was created by Mr. Peenee)

Here’s how it goes:
In five syllables, no more, no less, describe the worst movie you can think of.
*The latest was: Will Ferrell's Semi Pro... It was NOT my choice of movie! My husband wanted me to join him, so I went.
“Great music, no plot."

In seven syllables, no more, no less, describe your worst date.
*Before marrying, my now husband wanted to take me on a "romantic" outing to Big Sur. I said,
NO! He couldn't understand why...I told him I had been there before, and that I didn't do well on windy curvy roads. That I would get "car-sick"! Well, he insited we go...So we went, and I got horribly sick. Did he learn his lesson? NO! There were a few other outings on similar roads...even after I reminded him that I get SICK!!
“Curvy windy roads. I puke.”

In five syllables, no more, no less, describe the worst job you ever had.
*My parents taught us the value of getting an education by taking my sister and I to work in the fields/orchards during the harvest season (October). One of the worst was picking walnuts off the dry rocky soil! Besides the heat, it was your back, knees, and hands that hurt! We only did this one day...that's how bad it was.
“Rocky soil. Pain!"

Put it all together and you have a haiku of life’s low points.
“Great music. No plot. Curvy windy roads. I puke. Rocky soil. Pain!”

*feel free to borrow meme


TigerYogiji said...


Indigo said...

Urrh... car sickness is no fun at all. I got sick in the car once when I got food poisoning in college.

Thanks for playing!

Ur-spo said...

I prefer Joyce.

curious servant said...

Okay... let's see...

worst movie
Vic Morrow in a Japanese Star Wars rip off (Uchu kara no messeji) where they chased after floating glowing walnuts that were to lead them to enlightenment and victory. Incredibly stupid.

First date... didn't really know how to drive yet... kept running the car over curbs.

Worst job:
crawling through water, dead animals, and spider webs to install insulation under houses.

Stupid glowing walnut
Holding hands, where's the parking?
Itching, dead cat smiles