Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I've been trying to download pictures and music onto my new iPod without any luck...HELP!!

At first I thought it would be easier doing this task (downloading music and pictures) from my iMac at school/work rather than from our home's PC. But wait...that would 've been easy, and life is NOT easy, right?!

1. My iMac will not download iTunes onto my iPod because iTunes needs to be upgraded, BUT it can't be upgraded without an Administrator's authorization!!
2. For some (idiotic) reason or another, my saved pictures from my iMac can't be downloaded onto my iPod, either!! I don't know why, though...maybe it's just me.

So for now, my cute little red iPod (that my husband gave me as a birthday gift) is not in's even engraged with my name!

*update 8:31 pm
downloaded (some) music & pics onto my ipod from our home pc...
hubby helped.
however, i still need to figure out how to do it at work/school...
i will have to wait, though, 'til i have "authorization".


curious servant said...

I wish I could help.

We are given admin privileges on our computers at work.

Can't you put the iTunes software on your home computer? I know they have a PC version.

As for your music that is on your work computer... you could burn them onto a CD and transfer them that way to your home machine.

Though, without being complete CDs the file names will not be there, so identify them somehow so you know which tracks are which.

Can you put your pics on a thumb drive?

Chanclita Divina said...

did you figure this one out? i wish i could help but i'm still working on building points so i can finally get my ipod.

Keshi said...

Strange how I never save my pics in my iPod tho it can do it. So I never fiddled with it, hence so sorry I cant help u here Coco.

but it shouldnt be that difficult...if u run ITunes s/w on ur PC, usually there's user-friendly drag n drop functions to do it. ??

I hope u get some help from someone who's done it.



TigerYogiji said...

Oh you kids, and your fancy hi-tech doo-dads! ;)

Indigo said...

am willow
not sure how it works

Ur-spo said...

best thing to do with technology is throw all of it out the window and read books.

Keshi said...

check my Update :)