Saturday, July 30, 2005

They've Started

Nightmares before going back to school (work)!
This school year will be my 26th year teaching, and at the beginning of each and every school year I have nightmares... This year, though, it seems that my nightmares have started early. After all, classes begin late August this year. I'm not the only "teacher" to have nightmares before returning to "school", my (teacher) friends also have them!

This nightmare had me teaching in a very old school (structure NOT in compliance with the state regulations). Of course, my classroom (Room 25) was on the 2nd floor, but when I got there, it was already occupied by another teacher. I then had to go to Room 20 which was very, very small classroom. And I thought, "How are we all going to fit in here? Well, we'll manage."

I looked for my wasn't anywhere! The district had taken it back, including my personal material! The only material I was given, was for Second Grade standards. Ahh! I though, "O.K., we'll be fine. I've taught 2nd before, stay calm." (My grade of preference is Third)

After awhile, I noticed that next to my desk was a door... I opened it and there was my own personal bathroom, with shower and tub! And I said, "Wow! My own personal bathroom, I can even shower here! Well, I do stay til late hours... Hmmm, where can I place my bed?"

Yes, that was my nightmare.


Karen said...

What a nightmare!!! Yikes! I hope it all goes well though, and not like that at all. I have to hand it to you teachers, you work so hard!!

Have a good day! *hugs*

Xolo said...

Stress dreams are the worst!

With so much experience, you would think going back to school would be easy. It goes to show that sometimes it is the little things that we know so well that are the most stressful.

Do something nice for is the best way to cope with stress! :)

chocoadicta said...

Jo, menuda pesadilla. Como es que te ocurre eso? Has tenido alguna vez malas experiencias con algĂșn alumno o algo asĂ­?
Siempre he creido que el trabajo de profesor es estresante por la responsabilidad que supone y lo que la sociedad exige de ellos...
En fin, espero que desaparezcan las pesadillas...:)

Hanuman1960 said...

Two of my sister-in-laws are teachers, so I am well aware of the horror stories!

Good luck going back!!!

BG said...

Good luck with school... and the nightmares.

Ashley said...

You are braver than me... being a teacher has got to be stressful. hang in there!!