Friday, August 12, 2005


Neither my husband nor I are gamblers...
The few times that we've gone to Las Vegas, we've attended a few shows and then just wandered around amazed with the architecture. There are so many beautiful casinos! The Bellagio, The romantic! (sigh)

Tomorrow, however, we're going to some other Casinos (Indian Casinos?) as a form of Fund Raiser for our church. It's a one day bus trip- our bus leaves at 7 am and we are home by 9 pm. I don't know where the Casinos we're going to are located, but they can't be very far. I'm thinking somewhere out there near Sacramento- the Gold Country. (I don't know the exact location because Hubby made the arrangements, and he didn't ask, and won't ask either.)

Well, we'll see how this one day trip works out... I'm taking my book with me just in case, though.

Oh, I've been given advice by a good friend- "Don't have breakfast at home, wait 'til you get over there to have breakfast." I guess we do the same for dinner- have dinner at the Casino before returning home.

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