Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm still here!

It's been pretty hectic lately...deadlines!

Completing "Teacher Plans" for children who are having difficulty, testing children to see what their reading level is, giving the September Writing Prompt and correcting it, giving the Chapter 1 Math Test to see if they understood the concept of Place Value and Numeration. I still need to translate my September Progress Report, and then fill out either the English or the Spanish report for each child!


Magda said...

Entonces ¡andamos en las mismas! corre que corre :(

Karen said...

Lots of work! Hang in there! *HUGS*

Renovada said...

wow... pobre, harto trabajo tendrĂ s... curro=trabajo. Estamos en la misma... aunque no con tantas traducciones :S