Friday, September 16, 2005


Feeling Stressed?
Singing is one form of releasing stress!!

I got this link from Peor es Nada...
It's Gypsy King's song "Volare" written in phonetic Spanish for Germans... So yes, it will work with English Speakers. Enjoy!!

El cantar es buen ejercicio cuando uno está estresado...
Asi que a cantar y arrojar esas tensiones!!

Sing!! Sing to release your stress!


Cracked Chancla said...

that's a cool link. i used to grab the words to songs and sing along when i was younger and had more time--it definitely helped me decompress.

Miguel Pinto said...

Coco, thank you very much for linking my blog ;-)


Magda said...

¿aunque se cante y haya peligro de romper los vasos o las copas? ;)

A mi me ayuda bailar, pero creo que también cantar es buena reseta, así que ¡a cantar!

Un beso.

Karen said...

The only way I sing is in my car, windows rolled up, and tunes cranked. LOL But it does reduce stress ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for your thoughts for my niece! *HUGS*

Yamell said...

When my friends and I get together we always end up bringing out the ol' karaoke machine. I love it.

Renovada said...

y cuando uno está triste? :'(

Oye... pero yo aún así no me mida con el vodka... nunca nunca de verdacita que no me deja resaca... pero ni me hables del ron.

Un saludo.

zona boy said...

check out this Bolivian musician.

I promise this isn't spam. It's just a very talented guy who has about 8 CD's out but is pretty unknown north of the equator.