Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Teaching is stressful?

Let's see...
I've been accused by a "parent" that I prohibit children to speak in Spanish while in my classroom! I apparently told my Spanish speaking parents of this during Back to School Night. I was LIVID!! OK, so we have NO bilingual program, BUT I still speak Spanish to the students who still need Spanish, and they respond in Spanish!!
It was only one parent who heard this remark! Argh! Can't believe this! My administrators couldn't believe it either, because they've been in my room and have heard me converse with the children in Spanish!

Oh! I was just given by my distict for my 25 years of service a "pin" (1in X 1in) and a certificate! I showed it to my husband and he laughed. My explanation was, "Yes, this is Public Education." Our "Teacher" Union (local) on the other hand treated my husband and I to dinner! *This is now my 26th year teaching...

There are times that I look forward to Retirement, and can't wait for it! It hasn't all been easy, or fun; but my family, friends, and collegues have helped me through these past 25 years of teaching. I still LOVE teaching, but NOT the "politics" of it!


Magda said...

Si entendi bien, un padre te ha acusado de que has impedido a los estudiantes que hablen el español y esto no es cierto, ¿es así? No te preocupes, las políticas espantosas son igual en todas partes.

Lo que si me ha tocado ver muchas veces en USA, es que hasta hay padres que no dejan que sus hijos hablen español, y los padres son mexicanos (o latinoamericanos), dicen que lo impiden porque los sancionan, porque no se permite que lo hablen, y tienen problema si lo hacen.

Esto que te cuento me parece espantoso, pero pues así son en USA.

Saludos y un beso.

Karen said...

Wow, 25 years! Congrats. I'm sorry they don't appreciate you all more, it is one of the toughest professions out there.


Xolo said...

Although I am sure you don't hear it enough, your students do appreciate all your effort and dedication.

I still have fond memories and great feelings of gratitude for all the great teachers that helped me along my great voyage of learning.

Congratulations and gracias!

Hanuman1960 said...

Congratulations on your achievement!!!!!

I'm sure that you have touched many little lives in a very positive way!!!!

Yamell said...

Your job is something to be so proud of. The politics are anywhere you go and often complained about. I would so much rather put up with the politics in a career that makes a difference with impressions that last a lifetime than a job in the coporate world.




Cracked Chancla said...

that's horrible. as if teaching were not hard enough. its a shame that there are so many politics in such an important job.

Renovada said...

Yo no sè... pero la universidad sì que me estresa!!

Que tengas un buen fin de semana.

mariposatomica said...

Wow 25 years! Congrats! I'm sure it takes a lot to be a teacher and you have probably impacted the lives of dozens. Unfortunately, no matter what field you are in you will always find the "politics of it."