Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Part Time

I've been wowrking "part time" for the past few days... It's a good thing, because by 11:00 a.m. I am in pain, I can't wait to get home to take my meds and rest.

Llego a casa como a eso de las 12:30 p.m., como cualquier cosa para poder tomarme mis "medicinas", descanso para después ir a la terapía física.

A very good friend of mine is my substitute while I am teaching "part time". She recently retired from teaching and was feeling the need to be with children again... She knows the 3rd grade curriculum and expectations, so when she "subs", she is actually "teaching" the standards which is great. It is one less worry!

Las dos nos estamos ayudando mutuamente... Ella esta con mis alumnos dandoles clases (cosa que aun le gusta hacer!) mientras yo me voy a casa a descansar.

I plan on working "full time" on Friday, hopefully, it will go well.


Karen said...

Good, I'm glad you're not pushing yourself too hard and only working part time. Take care of you!! *HUGS*

Magda said...

Pues me alegra que se haya encontrado tan buena coordinación ;) Que así siga, hasta estar completamente bien.

Un abrazo y buen fin de semana.

BG said...

you need to take time off and get well all the way :)

Cuidate mucho!