Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soap... Novela

It's very rare when I see a novela. The last one I saw was El Beso del Vampiro (The Vampire's Kiss)- a brazilian soap, dubbed in Spanish. That was a few years ago, though. However, nowadays, I'm seeing Betty la Fea, or Betty the Ugly. It's quite entertaining, and yes, Jaime Camil is gorgeous!

Here's Jaime Camil's gallery

Yes, it's in Spanish, but there's lots of "eye candy"!

*CBS or NBC has the English version of this soap in their Fall line-up


Hanuman1960 said...

I remember seeing El Beso del Vampiro! I caught it while channel flipping! The vampires all looked like drag queens! What a riot!

My personal favorite was "Uga Uga!"!! :P

Yamell said...

What a beautiful man. Yummmmm.

They're making an American version of Betty la fea.

Saludos amiga!

How's your foot?

travelwahine said...

I used to love novelas as a kid, my favorite was "La Mentira". Betty la fea, is it the same as "La fea mas bella"?

Hope you're feeling better.

curious servant said...

I hope your feet are much better.

Ashley said...

yep. He's definitely hot!

Luciérnaga said...

En una telenovela es muuuuy importante el taco de ojo, yo hace tiempo que no veo una telenovela pero caeré caeré de nuevo algún día, yo lo sé.