Monday, July 10, 2006

Muchos "Thank Yous" Luciernaga!

Took this from Luciernaga...
Please stop by my graffiti wall and leave a message.

Se lo robe a Luciernaga...
Por favor pasen a dejar su mensaje en mi pared.


curious servant said...

It didn't quite come out the way I wanted... but I vandalized your wall anyway.

I wanted to say:

Fuzzy face,
Fuzzy mind.
Fuzzy heart.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Rocky has a great personality!

Miguel Pinto said...

Te deje un grafitti: Coco eres una en un millón. Cosa por demás cierta.

Saludos y muchas alegrías para ti

Ashley said...

A whole new way to be 'tagged'