Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Isn't she adorable?

She had surgery (spay & incontinence) last Thursday, but unfortunately, there were complications. Our concerns being that her incission was separating (glue!), not eating or drinking fluids, throwing up, not passing urine, lethargic and having trouble breathing.

She is doing much better now, thank God! Her kidneys are working, she is able to pass urine, and has a better attitude. She even gave the doctor a kiss! We'll be going up to UCDavis tomorrow to visit her.

No, she is not out of the "woods" yet, but all test results are encouraging...indicating that she'll be fine.

These past few days, needless to say, have been very stressful. Personally, I think that this painful event has brought my husband and I "closer". We have hugged each other, cried and prayed together- we've been there for one another.


Hanuman1960 said...

The poor little thing!

You'll all be in my prayers too!

sonrisa morena said...

she is soooo cute!!!

i hope she gets better soon...i would be going crazy if my Kachito was in the hospital :-(

les mando un abrazo muy fuerte!!

Yamell said...

I hope bolita gets better. Kisses to you bolita!

BG said...

COCO! these photos of Bolita are so cute! I hope she's doing better, that was some crazy stuff.

I hope you're doing fine too!


Rocko said...

Poor baby, She looks so sweet. I know it breaks your heart to see her suffer. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from me, and I can't wait to hear that you all have gotten through this.

Stay strong, I;ll be thinking of you.

curious servant said...

She is pretty cute. I know how important dogs (pets) are. I hope she gets much better soon.

I thought of you yesterday... I was on a walk in the woods praying and you can to mind.

God bless.

Ashley said...

cute little thing! I hope she feels better, soon!!

Doug said...

Give Bolita a big hug from Doug and I hope she is feeling better soon. Loved the pics! She certainly looks pampered!

Xolo said...

I hope she is better now.

I dread the day that one of our pooches health goes awry. So far we have been very fortunate. Of course, we door our part by feeding them the healthiest food possible, exercising them, and giving them much love. But some of it is luck (and some of it genetics - that's why mutts are so great).

Sending you many woofs!

Chris (Doug's Partner) said...

Our poor cat Scrunchy had to have surgery two years ago to remove big crystals that were clogging up his urethra. But he's doing pretty well now.


Cracked Chancla said...

coco, your dogs are adorable. i hope bolita is doing better. i remember being very nervous when our female cat was spayed and there were no stitches but glue to hold the wound together. i was a nervous wreck. me and the kiddies sending tu bolita get well soon vibes.

Karen said...

My heart breaks for you both, I hope she is doing better now. *HUGS* Keeping you both in my prayers.

travelwahine said...

Como esta Bolita? I hope you are all doing well, keep us posted.

Yamell said...

Just stopping by to saludarte. I hope you, your mom and little bola are doing well.

Chris (Doug's Partner) said...

Our cat, Scrunchie, had a similar problem once. He got a big kidney stone and couldn't pee for two days. We had to get him surgery to remove the stone since he would have died shortly otherwise. It's been two years since then and he's doing fine.