Friday, July 28, 2006


Well the weather finally is "normal", it's about time! But for how long? After all, this is still summer and who knows what more Global Warming will be bringing us.

My husband and I live near San Francisco, so normal summer temperatures are maybe high 70's and maybe low 80's. (reason why we don't have an air conditioner) So to have temperatures in the high 90's and above 100's, well, it's a heat wave! We're just not used to high temperatures.

If you ever travel to San Francisco in the summer- wear a light jacket! By any means, do NOT wear "summer" clothes, you'll be cold!

Si alguna vez vienen a San Francisco durante el verano- usen un sueter ligero! De cual quier manera, no usen ropa de verano porque se van a helar!

Mi esposo y yo vivimos cerca de San Francisco, asi pues nuestro clima "normalmente" no es muy caliente. Por lo general, durante el verano tenemos la temperatura en los 70's y 80 grados Farenheit. Asi que cuando sube a los 90 y arriba de 100 pues esto ya es una "Ola de Calor"!

En estos dias tal parece que la temperatura por aqui ha vuelto a la "normalidad", por fin! Pero por cuanto tiempo? Despues de todo, el "verano" esta con nosotros todavia por unos meses mas. Y quien sabe lo que el "Calentamiento Global" nos traiga aun...


Cracked Chancla said...

good to hear its cooled off. hope you are doing better.

Hanuman1960 said...

Glad to hear that it's cooled down for you too!

At least you'll have the air-conditioner for next time!

BG said...

I wear a jacket only when it's under 50! 70's is a bit of heaven!

Rocko said...

We got tired of the cold summers when we live in 'THE CITY', that's why we moved to the desert. Swimming pool living, I love it. We're having a pool party mid Aug. (bathing suits optional). You're welcome if you come to AZ.

Ashley said...

Yeah, I am kind of glad I didn't plan a vacation this summer after all. Everywhere is hotter than here (TX) which is HIGHLY unusual.

Chris (Doug's Partner) said...

It's a little cooler here too. It's a shame that Bush only believes the ecologist from ExxonMobile and none of the other hundreds of scientists who have been saying for 30 years that we've got to stop using fossil fuels.

But Bush is stupid. His IQ is probably in the 80-90 range. He doesn't understand that "not using fossil fuels" IS NOT THE SAME AS "not driving cars".

We could be energy independant in 15 years if our country built a handful of regional nuclear power plants for electricity generation, and then commanded the car makers to produce electric cars. Our country has a HUGE vault in Yucca Flats capable of storing *thousands* of years of nuclear waste, so disposal isn't a problem. And nuclear fission is extremely efficient and powerful, yet does not contribute to global warming.

curious servant said...

Everyone tends to think of California as warm. I've lived in various parts of it and they all had varied climes.

Yamell said...

Just stoping by to say hi. Hope you're doing good.