Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to work

Winter Break came and went...(it was too short of a break)
My class, along with me, returned to school "brain dead". Slowly, but surely though, we're getting back on track.

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 4th, is going to be a very busy day.
First, we have a field trip to the Oakland Museum. We'll be walking to the B.A.R.T. Station (Bay Area Rapid Transit -similar to the "subway") and then take the train into Oakland. Once we arrive at the Oakland B.A.R.T. Station, we'll walk 2 blocks to the museum.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is "heavy rain, storm...then clearing up towards the afternoon.
Hopefully, the weather forecast will be wrong, because "rain or shine" we're still going. (my CURLY hair is not quite forecasting rain) I'm also hoping that I have enough Parent Volunteers to help supervise the students.

After school, I'll be taking my mom to her chemo appointment, and then to dinner. It's my mom's 74th birthday!! Yes, we're (my sibblings, and husband) going to celebrate her birthday at Strizzi's...everyone's favorite restaurant.


Miguel Pinto said...

Coco enjoy your trip to The Oakland Museum, don’t worry about the weather. Also say Happy birthday to you mother for me, and have a nice dinner in Strizzi’s

ShoeGirl said...

You're such a good daughter! What a blessing to still have your mom and for her to have you. I miss my mom!

Ame said...

(my CURLY hair is not quite forecasting rain)

oh, how i SO can relate!!!!!