Sunday, July 15, 2007


I went to my friend's 5oth birthday party. It was a HUGE party!! Music, food, dancing, and lots of friends and a few people I hadn't seen since I was 17 years old!! One came up to my sister and me and said that he could recognize my sister anytime and anywhere, but not me. Huh?! I don't think I've changed that much, or have I?

Acabo de llegar de la fiesta de cumpleaños de mi amiga Aída...festejamos en grande sus cincuenta primaveras!! Hubo música, mucha comida sabrosa, y baile. Algunos de sus familiares no habia visto desde hace mucho, pero mucho tiempo. Por cierto, hubieron unos que no reconocí... Le pregunte a mi hermana si nosotros tambien habiamos cambiado. Mi hermana, mientras discretamente apuntaba a varios sujetos, me dijo que sí, pero que otros habian quedado "disfigurados" con el tiempo.

*The only thing missing from this party was the song I Like to Move It. I think it's great dancing music!! (lots of energy and fun!!)


Keshi said...

wow nice! Glad u had fun.

I like to move it is a great song indeed. But I like the Madagascar verseion of it better :)


Yummerson said...

Just thinking of that song makes me move it.