Thursday, July 12, 2007

My husband and I have been going to the gym 4-5 days a week since I've been on vacation. We walk over to the gym and exercise (aerobic, and or weights) for about 40 minutes. Without taking any blood pressure is very good, as is my glucose...haven't checked my cholesterol level, yet. I expect my cholesterol level to be much better than before. Maybe even told by my doctor not to take any meds for it! And all thanks to "exercise"! However, I have yet to lose any pounds!! Hmmm....could it be that I need to eat less?!

Desde que estoy de vacaciones, mi esposo y yo hemos estado haciendo ejercicio (aerobico y o pesas) de 4-5 dias por semana, aproximadamente 40 minutos cada sesión. Nunca he tomado medicamentos para la presión ni para el azúcar, y ahora con el ejercio estan super bien!! Dentro de poco me voy hacer estudios de cholesterol...espero que mi doctor diga que ya no es necesario tomar "vytorin". Y todo debido a que estoy haciendo "ejercicio"! A pesar de todo, no he perdido ningún kilo!! Sea por dios...sera que tendre que comer menos?!


J.S. Zolliker said...

Ya te envíé tu invitación de Pownce por correo. Por favor, revisa en tu junkmail. Un abrazo!

Keshi said...

how healthy...good on ya!

Coco u mite like to check out my latest holiday destination.


Yummerson said...

Good for you!

You may be losing inches though not necessarily weight.

If you feel good though that's all that matters.

TigerYogi said...

Remember, muscle weighs more than fat... :)

curious servant said...

I need more physical exercise.

As teachers I think we tend to get too busy to accommodate it.

no excuses now, though, eh?