Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Work is overwhelming!!
Just as I think that I've caught up with all the paper work required,
I realize that I am still so far behind!!

The end of the first grading period is November 9th...
and I do not have much data/information on the children.

Report Cards?! Yikes!!

i'm fine...
i cry, but i don't dwell on it.

i've been wearing some of my mom's clothes
, jewelry, and her perfume.

i've also been questioned myself...
do i practice my parents' teachings? i do.


Kirin said...

((HUGS)) :)

Keshi said...


Coco I told my mum abt ya...cos my mum's mum died too...and so my mum feels ur pain...and sends her love to ya. She tells u that no one's life is forever here on this Earth and that ur mum is in a much better place now.

TC hun, with lots of love from mum n me...


Keshi said...

heyy Coco how is it going? Hope all is well with ya.

U mite like to read my latest post...