Thursday, November 01, 2007

Honoring My Ancestors

I've been with the same primary care physician for a good 25 years!! Dr. S. was also my dad's and mom's physician as well. Therefore, he knows me very well : )

I finally went to see my primary care physician...
I've been sick, sick, SICK!! (cold, fever, headache, cough- yuck!)
The "over the counter" meds were not working!!

So I go to my appointment...
Doctor S. comes in, hugs me, and I cry.
We talk about my mom for a while,
thus making my medical appointment into a "therapy" session.
He told me that my mom had been a "good" woman,
and that I had been a "good" daughter to both my parents.
He then said that I should try and be like my mother...
to continue being a "good" person.
And I thought...this is what I've been asking myself.
Am I practicing what my parents taught me?

Today is All Saints Day, and tomorrow All Souls Day...
What better way of honoring my parents than by being more like them!

As for my medical condition...
I'm OK, just need to take antibiotics for a couple of days.

*The cemetary, where my parents are buried, will be having a Día de los Muertos celebration on Saturday. Yes, I will be attending : )


Keshi said...

**thus making my medical appointment into a "therapy" session.

:) cute.

Ur a great daughter doubt abt that!

Enjoy Sat!


Kirin said...

I've never doubted that you are a kind, considerate, person! :)

Keshi said...

hope u had a peaceful wknd as u planned on fri.