Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miguel Bosé

I absolutely LOVE his music!! He is currently celebrating his 30th year as an accomplished singer. He is also an actor, bullfighter, and dancer!

The following is Miguel Bosé's official web site

*you can find Miguel Bose in Wikipedia (my computer is too slow, otherwise i would have linked it!)


Jim said...

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Jim said...

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Keshi said...

WOW great music indeed!


Keshi said...

Coco come ard n listen to the current song in my blog..I think u mite even u'stand it :)


bomitoni said...

¡Viva Bosé!

BG said...

i ordered his duetos cd from amazon, but i'm still waiting for it. dang internet shopping... you cant have it right away!
i love this video and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with Bimba... como un lobo.


good taste.

Graham said...

Hi, sounds good music to me,only trouble I'm English so I didn't get the words. Graham-