Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Reader Appreciation Day!

Dear Readers of Teacher Estrella,
Thank you for the following:
* Bringing a smile to my face
* Bringing laughter into my life
* Letting me sigh
* Making me cry (sometimes)
* Allowing me to share my life with you
* Including me in your lives (via blog posts)
* Uplifting my spirits
* Making me feel loved and important
* Providing me with new friends/acquaintances
* Inspiring me to write

Thank you for visiting...
But most important of all-
Thank you for your friendship.

*Thank you MsABC Mom for this wonderful idea!


Indigo said...

I appreciate you too.
I like you
I'm glad you like me too
Thanks for the visits
Be well
Blessed Be

Ur-spo said...

thank you for posting things for us to appreciate!

TigerYogiji said...

We appreciate you too, Hon! :)

Keshi said...

aww tnxx YOU too HUGZ!


Chocoadicta said...

Gracias a tí, nosotros sólo somos afortunados de poder contar contigo :)