Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meme- Mind Your Own Business

A tag that I stole from Solitaire...
"Mind Your Own Business" (some very intrusive questions!)

Do you sleep in your bra?
No, I don't! I LOVE the "feel" of my sheets against my body...nothing comes between me and my sheets!! (Sometimes, if my feet are very cold, then I'll wear fuzzy warm socks.)

Do you enjoy drama?
Not if I have any part in it!! But I am interested in others' drama. They're like "soap operas", but in real life! Who needs T.V.?!

Are you a girly girl?
No, I don't think so...
I don't take bubble baths (but my husband does), nor do I carry make up in my purse (neither does my husband).
Was I ever a girly girl? Probably when I was much, much, MUCH younger!! Now I'm MENOPAUSAL!

Small or Big Purses?
I'm starting to use "big" again... Hmm, I wonder if there is a hidden message in this?
Oh, wait!! I am currently placing my medium sized bag, and lunch into my school bag (which is a gym bag that holds all of my school stuff). ALL goes into 1 BIG bag!! So I guess the best answer to this question is: Big!

Has anyone touched or smacked your butt?
Some were welcomed, appreciated and enjoyed; others were NOT!!
Done out of love, for love, temptation, and or just to "bother" me...

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Me? A bad influence?! Of course NOT!!
Oh wait... Let me think... Uhhmm...
Yes...on my sister. She says I made her cut class when we were both in High School. I don't quite recall making her cut class...she tagged along!

Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
I'm NOT into pain!! I don't like being in pain!! Pain is NOT "normal"!! (Well, neither am I, but that's another post!)

I hope that I am able to "age" gracefully and with dignity.

By the way, is (permanent) Laser Hair Removal in this category? This, if I had the $$, I would do.

Do you like your life?
Yes, I do. I've a "good" life. Could it possibly be better? Of course!!

Did you just say I won the Lottery? (don't need much...just enough to buy a comfortable and spacious 1 story house, a car with excellent gas mileage, and then go on a nice, long vacation. i don't want to quit my job!)


Keshi said...

aww nice one Coco! How come Sol didnt ask me to do this one..LOL Im such a Tag whore.

How can anyone possibly sleep in their bras! Unless ofcourse it's some sleazy bastard trying it on to get a feel for it.

Im BAD influence I tell ya!




TigerYogiji said...

Fabulous! I may borrow this one!

Indigo said...

I like your answers! :)

-- I thank the Goddess I don't have to wear a bra (given that I'm a man!)
-- I loathe drama. Give me a Spaghetti Western shoot'em up any day of the week.
-- Alas, I'm not a girly girl. People keep telling me I'm the most straight-acting gay man they've ever met. But I don't "act". I'm just being a gay man who acts like me.
-- I carry a backpack for my laptop, wallet, books, etc. So I guess I'm a "big purse" person.
-- The only plastic surgery I'd consider would be to get some scar tissue removed. But I've been afraid to pursue it since there's always the posibility that the surgery itself would cause scarring. Urrrrg...
-- Some crazy lady at work grabbed my rear end on three occasions. The third time, I pressed for sexual harrassment.
-- I frequently get called a bad influence
-- I like my life VERY much. What's not to like about being a changeling? :)

Solitaire said...

Cool one!! I want to have laser hair removal too!!! :)

Ur-spo said...

the fact you enjoy your life indicates you are a fortunate person, indeed.
I may steal this meme, as my answers to each question would be something...

Indigo said...

am willow. hi. nice to visit :)