Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Calling Dr. Carl Jung

I dream in color
I dream in English, Spanish, and sometimes in French
I sometimes cry, laugh, sing, and scream while dreaming
I've also ran, flown, driven a car, and walked

A lot of times, though, I will analyse my dream while still dreaming

In my last 2 dreams I have had the sense of smell
An orange in the first dream (NOT my favorite fruit, nor do I crave it, or eat it)
And tobacco (cigar) in my second dream (I do NOT smoke, nor have I been a smoker)
Neither scent brings back any memories, nor is disgusting

Anyone else out there dream with scents?
Anyone know what this means?


Indigo said...

That's very interesting! I can't say I've ever had a sense of smell in a dream. I do frequently dream in color. My alters can manifest outside my body in my dreams too. Cool.

Ur-spo said...

you and everyone who knows you need to seek psychiatric care as soon as you can.....
seriously now; you are one of the few people with 'vivid dreaming'; unless you are taking medication that commonly causes this, you are in a minority. So far as I can tell 'it doesn't mean anything' per se; you have more resources from which to derive dream interpretation
Like everyone, some of your dreams are gibberish; some are relevant and some are 'numinous'
I am envious though; I seldom recall my dreams and they are quite muddy.

Coco said...

no, not taking any meds that will make me have hallucinations, or nightmares!

yes, i know...
i'm "weird" ; )
my husband, family, and friends tell me i'm strange. but it's ok-
what is "normal" anyway?!

Keshi said...

Carl Jung, the ULTIMATE DREAMER ha. :)

I cant rem if I ever had the sense of smell in my dreams...but I do hv all the other senses in my dreams. Interesting post Coco!


Kristen Bjorg said...

I was wide awake today and could taste the wonderful sweet taste of strawberries,and I was not eating at the time.
It did make me hungry for fresh strawberries and cream.

I did dream about French male perfume,once, that smells like lemon,except there was no smell to it,when I smelled it.I wonder what it means?There was a piano man that helped me,by finding that lemon smelling perfume

Do you like strawberries,too?And what the smell of lemon?

Solitaire said...

You know I cannot answer your question!

I do not do any dream analysis. And I myself get the weirdest dreams ever!!

BTW, I have a new post up on the WOES.

Ashley said...

I have pretty vivid dreams and I know in my dreams I think I smell things as part of the story going on in my head, but I don't think I really 'smell' things... Maybe your subconscious is telling you to take a vacation in the deep south - Florida and South Carolina perhaps? (hence the oranges and tobaccos)...?