Monday, June 09, 2008

The 5x5 (sort of) MeMe

The 5x5 MeMe (Tagged by Indigo)

-- What was I doing five years ago?
a. teaching!
b. recuperating from foot surgery (?)

-- Five Snacks I Enjoy:
a. papaya
b. black grapes
c. dried cranberries
d. sweet bread
e. ice cream

-- Five Things I Would Do If I Had A Billion Dollars:
a. pay off dept
b. buy a spacious & comfortable house
c. buy a fuel efficient car
d. help family
e. give to charity

-- Five Places I Have Lived:
I have ONLY lived in "ONE" City, CA
a. 5th Street
b. C Street
c. Sonora Way

-- Five Jobs I Have Had:
a. office clerk (while in High School)
b. field work (during harvest time- picking grapes on Saturdays alongside w/parents)
c. teacher's aide ("summer school" while in High School and College)
d. CA Certified Elementary Teacher (with Bilingual Emphasis)

--Five NickNames Family & Friends Call Me:
a. Coco (or Soco)
b. Cocodrila
c. Coqui (or Soqui)
d. Coyito
e. Coquina

--Five Things I Have Learned From Experience:
a. life is too short
b. everyone is essentially "good" (yes, there are a few "bad" hearted people)
c. spend quality time with loved ones
d. don't be afraid to say- "I love you", or "I'm sorry"
e. love yourself

*Yes, I know...
I don't follow directions very well : )

*Feel free to borrow MeMe...


Indigo said...

Thanks for playing! :)

Ashley said...

Mmmm... papaya!

begutierrez said...

i got this.