Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Year Older

My ME Day was a good day...

I think I'l make this a yearly tradition...
take my birthday as my ME Day.

Who ever said that getting older didn't hurt...LIED!!
I woke up on my birthday and my nose hurt! It was SWOLLEN!! And no, my name is NOT Pinnochio. At first I thought it was just a pimple. Then later on in the day I thought it was my sinus since I had spent a few hours out in the open green (cemetary). It really HURT at night! : (

No, I don't know what is going on with my nose,
but it still HURTS, and it is still SWOLLEN!!
I'm taking Sinus (Tylenol) meds. at the moment.
Hopefully, this will make my nose feel and look better.
If not, then I will need to see my doctor...


CiscoKid said...

Better get it checked. AT least it did not happen over your ME day. Happy belated b-day.

Abrazos y cuidate

Indigo said...

Hi Coco! I tagged you for a MeMe :)

Indigo said...

Personally, I'd rather celebrate my day of incarnation (July 25, 1982) rather than my body's date of birth (December 29, 1969). After all, why celebrate the borthday of someone who's not around anymore?

Oh... happy birthday... a little late... but happy birthday :)