Monday, June 02, 2008

This and That

*It seems that we have a party every weekend....
when I was MUCH younger I loved partying after partying,
but now that I am older, just thinking of a party after a party tires me out!

*My Report Cards, GLIST and Title 1Forms, and End of Year Awards are complete...YAY!

*If you like Hot Dogs...we are having a Third Grade End of Year Picnic
(on site)...YAY! I hope we are able to this every year. "Parent Involvement" is required, though, otherwise who will do the grilling, and help with the supervision? (personally, i don't care for hot dogs)

*I was recently (formally) informed that I will be teaching Summer School...Third Grade and in my own classroom. YAY! I won't be "lugging" things from one school to another, and "holding" them in my car's trunk 'til September!

*I've signed up for a Writer's Workshop class. (teaching "writing" to third graders) The good thing about this class is that it is given immediately before returning to work...thereby, the ideas are still fresh in the mind. Oh, and we get paid for attending the class! (4 days)

*I've read a detailed article outlining the different stages of Alzheimer's...It appears that my 84 year old aunt, whom my sibblings and I take care of, is in the beginning stage of 3. She, at times, has speech impairment, does not recognize herself in the mirror, and or lack control of bodily functions. This is aside from the most common- confussion, Sun Down Syndrome, constant repition, etc.

*Movies? Haven't had time to go to the Theater (too many parties!)...but I have seen: Sangre de mi Sangre ('Blood of my Blood' with English Subtitles). No, it's NOT a horror film, but a film about a son looking for his father in New York City.
I've been recommended to see The Orphanage...I think I'll see it sometime this week. (Maybe Wednesday)

*TV...saw Season Finales to Torchwood and Dr. Who. Yes, I'm also "addicted" to these shows, as well as to "MI-5"!

*I'm thinking of taking a ME Day on Wednesday : )


Keshi said...

aww I so need a ME day rite now!


Chanclita Divina said...

a writing workshop? sounds exciting!