Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Early Morning Visit

I was sort of awake, but not completely
But I was NOT completely asleep, either
As I am lying in bed, my mom approaches me
She calls out my name twice
Leans over to embrace me
I call out to her- Mamá, Mamá
And I hold her close to me
Holding her head close to mine
She tells me- Remember, I am always with you, and now let me bless you
I continue to hold her as she blesses me
Not wanting to let go of her, I kiss her cheek

*while this is happening...
there is no crying on my part, nor is my mom in any pain

*it was a good visit


Keshi said...

this made me all teary Coco!

I know u miss her alot...:(



Indigo said...

I'm glad she could visit you.

I had a friend who died his year too. She came to me a week after she crossed the Veil to say goodbye and that she was okay now and not in pain anymore. I still miss her though.

Yummerson said...

Muchos abrazos. I'm glad you felt the calm while you got to see her.

TigerYogiji said...

((HUGS)) :)

ShoeGirl said...

I love when I get to "visit" my mom and my sister too. It's such a wonderful warm feeling.