Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm sorry, but this heat has been intolerable. I haven't done much of anything- except "lay and elevate my foot" otherwise it becomes much more swollen and red. As for using the computor, or going into the Internet, or blogging...sorry. I haven't even seen any movies, or read! I can't even think!

Lamentablemente esta calor ha sido intolerable. No he hecho mucho- con la excepcion de recostarme y elevar mi pie por que se me pone MUY hinchado y rojo. No he usado la computadora para nada- lo siento. Tampoco he visto peliculas, o leido! Ni siquiera he podido pensar!

The soaring temperatures from the heatwave have been unbearable. So after a sleepless night, due to the horrendous heat, my husband and I have gone out in search of an AIR CONDITIONER! However, all stores are OUT of air conditioners, including the floor samples. Needless to say, we placed our order and our air conditioner will be available August 3rd. In the meantime, we'll have to do with our fans. Global Warming- argh!

Mi esposo y yo hemos ido en busca de algun tipo de calefaccion (aire acondicionado) pues ultimamente la calor ha sido INSOPORTABLE! Despues de ir a varias tiendas, por fin dimos con una donde aun tenian muestras de calefaccion portatiles...ya pusimos nuestra orden y nos llega el 3 de Agosto. Antes pensaba que podia vivir sin aire acondicionado, pero ya no. Parece que cada verano el calor se vuele todavia mas insoportable que el anterio...

Saw my oncologist on Thursday
*My foot is doing fine (after infection)
*No more antibiotics- yay!
*Next appointment will be in December

Vi a mi oncologo el jueves
*Mi pie despues de la infeccion ya esta mucho mejor
*Ya no estoy tomando antibioticos- yay!
*Mi siguiente cita es en Diciembre


Cracked Chancla said...

oh no, keep cool. drink lots of water. order out, don't you dare turn the stove on. i can't function in heat, i really cannot. suerte. hope your footsie feels better too.

Chris (Doug's Partner) said...

I'm glad that your foot's doing better!

Fortunately, no matter how hot it gets, you have the assurances of the DUMB COWBOY that there's no such thing as global warming, ha ha ha ha!!!

Ashley said...

I have learned to embrace the heat so I don't feel so pathetic (I am a profuse sweat-er). Yes, I have central A/C, but I have had to do without when I lived in Houston and a big storm or hurricane knocked out the power. I discovered that drinking warm beverages (in addition to a lot of barely cool water), eventually gets you used to the heat and you don't sweat as much. No kidding.

I do hope your A/C comes in early, though!!

Take care!

Phill said...

Mike and I are glad your foot is better. We were at 123 degrees on Saturday. Humidity has been horrible.

Phill said...

Mike and I are glad your foot is better. We were at 123 degrees on Saturday. Humidity has been horrible.

travelwahine said...

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine. I hope your air conditioner comes in sooner. At least, you have fans huh?

I'm glad your foot's feeling better.

Rocko said...

Good to hear about your foot, and sorry about the heat. We have been above 100 degrees for a while, but that is Arizona in the summer. I'd be dead without AC and the pool.
Stay cool

mariposatomica said...

I'm sending your footie good vibes. Sounds like quite the caloron where you are at. I agree w/CC drink lot's of water and soak in the tub. abrazotes,


Another thing that might help: go swims and have some fun! (of course, oncly if your doctor agrees with me). Take care!

Doug said...

Oh Coco, I have been reading about the heat on the news... keep the blinds closed and don't overexert yourself and try to stay as cool as possible!

sonrisa morena said...

haaay coco i can't even imagine...drink loads of water and try not to move around too much!!