Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, my long awaited appointment with the Specialist on Infectious Disease is tomorrow, finally! The infection has not completed disappeared, but it's so much better now. Unfortunately, I also still have have a few side effects from the antibiotics. The latest one is having "canker" soars in my mouth!

My dentist feels that "stress" is a major culprit with my infection. Well, in the sense that my immune system is "tired" and it's not letting itself heal.

I've had a few anxiety attacks lately. Scary!

My Mom
In the midst of all her maladies, she is doing well. Her health is "stable". She is up and about (with some assistance), at times she does a few light chores around the house, is careful with her diet, is eating well, and in no pain. YAY!

Her weekly chemo treatments are going very well. Her oncologist is very pleased, and of course, so are we! Granted that her treatments are only 1/3 of a normal dose, and that the medicine is the least aggressive- the oncologist strongly feels that this is helping her with the symptoms. He has ordered a CAT Scan of her "belly" to see if the mass on the liver has shrunk. He believes it has. And we are praying that it has shrunk too.

Some our family members, and her friends have questioned us about her cancer. They can't believe she has it. Yes, she looks a little frail, but Dialysis wears her down. My response is that at the beginning I too questioned it. Doctors are human, and yes, they at times do make mistakes. Yes, they could've made a mistake with the first CAT Scan, but there were many other tests done on different days by different doctors, and ultimately, there was a biopsy that was positive for Liver Cancer Stage 4. After stating this, they still cannot accept her diagnosis...and neither can I.

I'm so glad I'm not teaching Summer School. Otherwise, I think I would've gone crazy with all that's been going on.

Life is short, and to top it off- stressful!


Yamell said...

Que bueno que todo va bien.

I'll keep you in my prayers.


sonrisa morena said...

i'm so glad your mom i doing better!!! te cuidas muchisimo...dilo no al estres...i know it's alot easier said then done. te mando un abrazo :-


Que te mejores, pero sobre todo, tranquilizate. Eso de los ataques de ansiedad, es normal, pero no dejes que te dominen porque como decía mi abuelo, no te tomes las cosas demasiado en serio porque de cualqueir forma, no saldras viva de la vida ;) Un abrazo y siguen en mis oraciones.

R. said...

a ver, practicando mi ingles o_O

Que bueno que la infeccion haya mejorado, pero si pues, es fregado cuando uno sale de una cosa y se mete en otra, yo juraba que me habia curado mi alergia en el cuello y hoy la veo peor... detesto que me cauterizen :S

Y según leo tu mami está un poco más estable?... bueno Coco, todo de a poquitos verdad?... que Dios te bendiga y te juro que siempre me acuerdo de ti.

Un besote... buen fin de semana

Doug said...

I am glad you are taking the summer off to deal with the stress and be with your mom! I was able to visit mine this summer and she is doing well, thank goodness. But she does tire easily as she gets older. But I always keep you and your mom in my thoughts!

Hanuman1960 said...

I'm glad that your mom is doing better too!

Hopefully, now that school is out, you can relax and rebuild that immune system! :)

BG said...

hey i hope things are looking up. i hope everything gets easier, lighter. have hope.

Siempre, B

Ashley said...

Splurge - get a massage and a facial at a day spa. It's amazing how much better you will feel!!

Take care!

Rocko said...

Hang in there. Trust me, there will come better days.
My thoughts are with you.