Thursday, September 21, 2006


I saw this at Miguel Pinto's blog (Peor es Nada) and laughed.
Ví este "show" en el blog de Miguel Pinto (Peor es Nada) y me reí a carcajadas.

A couple of days later, my "brother-in-law" sent the link to my husband.
Unos días después, mi casi con-cuño le envió el enlace a mi esposo.

So now I'm sharing this with you.
Así que ahora lo estoy compartiendo con ustedes.

*Do NOT open the link at work!
No abrán este enlace en el trabajo!

*Do NOT open if you are offended by nudity!
No lo abrán si la desnudez les ofende!

*Do NOT open if there are children near you!
No lo abrán si hay niños cerca de ustedes!

Enjoy the show!
A disfrutar del "show"!

Click on Magic Show


Bobby said...

Cool, these'll come in handy.

Muchas veces me pregunta sobre todos los terminos de la era del red. Me anima que personas mas listos que yo, ya han inventado la idioma para computadoras aqui!

Miguel Pinto said...

This is a very funny and nice magic show.

Greatings and Hugs


Hanuman1960 said...


The ending was particularly disturbing....

Ashley said...

Oh, my!

Of course, I was obsessing over the fact that she is so perfectly thin, cellulite free, and long-legged. All of my envy went away with the final magic trick.

All I could think was, 'ewww!!!!'

chocoadicta said...

Vaya con el final :))!!

curious servant said...


...that is...

Actually that was pretty...


(Thanks for the kind comment today!)

Rocko said...

I saw a male magician do that, but he had a brown hanky. ;-O

Doug said...

That was certainly... revealing! I thought it was really funny!