Friday, July 06, 2007

Are You Ready?

So for the next several weeks our TV will be on for practically 24 hours a day. My husband will be glued to it, because heaven forbid he miss something!!

Let's see...he will see the "Live" version of the Tour de France (while taping it for later viewing to repeatedly see that "magical" moment) as well as the shorter versions during the day, plus all the "Tour" specials, interviews, and daily internet updates. Oh, and then he'll call his friends and talk about the "Tour", it's racers, and the politics of this race.

I guess you can tell that my husband is a cycling fan...

Me? I will try and watch the "Live" version ONLY!! I especially like, though, the final stage when they enter the city of Paris while drinking champagne. Yes, while riding their bike!!

Here is a glimpse of last year's Tour de France...enjoy!


CiscoKid said...

I just watched today's finish withthe big pile up right before the end.
I like to watch it when I can too.

Chocoadicta said...

A mi n me gusta mucho el ciclismo, quizás es que no lo entiendo y por eso me aburre :), pero todo el mundo que conozco es fan. El otro día si vi el el atolladero que se formó con tantas caidas, no lo había visto nunca :)...

Keshi said...

wow nice...enjoy then!